Bar Stool – Strong Statement of Modern Simplicity

THE LINE Bar Stool seems intriguing for you? Then let's tell you a little bit more about it! Welcome back to our newest blog post! As promised last week, today we are introducing you to THE LINE Bar Stool. Through the last few months you could have seen on our instagram a few photos showing this [...]

THE LINE Family – Modern and Multifunctional Furniture Collection

Eager to meet the whole THE LINE Famliy? Then let’s do it! For the last few weeks, you could have followed THE LINE products introduction posts. Their goal was to introduce you their natural beauty and unexpected multifunctionality. Today we are coming back with all of them gathered together. Obviously, we are not forgetting about […]

Interior Inspirations: Casasolstad Wooden Masterpiece from Norway

Casasolstad - Wooden Interior Inspirations Before we start showing you inspirational part of this post, we would like to thanks Roar Solem and his family, the creators of Casasolstad, who shared with us beautiful photos of their wooden interior. Today's post wouldn't exist without Roar's help and his stunning architectural diamond. We leave up to the fact that [...]

Behind the scenes from The Pyramid Table Photo Session

The Pyramid Table – Backstage Photo Session From exactly two weeks you’ve been able to observe the results of our Pyramid Table Photo Session. Encouraged with your positive response to our photos , we’ve decided to share with you our feelings about the Photo Shoot  and to show you what’s happening behind the camera. That’s […]

Coffee Table Definition of Modern Comfort

THE LINE Coffee Table - Modern Concept of Comfort As you may have already realised, today's posts greatest star is our magnificent THE LINE Coffee Table. Following the title, you will be able to watch and read about our own understanding of modern comfort. Our designer Tomasz has once said:''It is annoying to bend to get [...]

The Pyramid – The Story of an Unusual Side Table

FROM THE X-TREE TO THE PYRAMID TABLE In December 2017 we have been asked to join The Design Museum Christmas Market and to present there something Christmas related. We undertook the challenge and within three weeks the X-Tree project was born. Tomasz designed a Christmas tree in the form of a metal pyramid on which you [...]

Side Table Multifunctional Beauty

    Beauty – Simplicity – Diversity These three words mentioned above perfectly define our furniture collections. That is why today we would like to visualize you how we implement these core words into our furniture. To deliver it as clearly as possible we have decided to use our marvelous THE LINE  Side Table in order to show you […]

London Inspirations in our Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial Style London Inspiring Designer There is no better way to start our blog than by sharing with you our story and our inspirations. The journey begins on the streets of London in places which truly inspire our designer Tomasz. Undoubtedly it is not his only inspiration but at first we present you the most important one, namely [...]