THE LINE PERSPEX Coffee Table – Pure Act of Modern Design

Minimalistic PERSPEX Coffee Table visualizing pure furniture design! Welcome back on our blog! We are coming today with a special post. It is time for you to know a little more about our special design project featuring the above-presented Coffee Table. Sit comfortably and enjoy the story of THE LINE PERSPEX Coffee Table! Let’s start […]

The Pyramid – Industrial Design and Modern Piece of Art

The Pyramid – Modern look at your interior Welcome back to our weekly blog post. Today we are taking you back to the story of The Pyramid. In case you are with us for the first time, click HERE to read our first introduction of this stunning masterpiece. As has already been mentioned there, multifunctionality […]

Bar Stools – Comfortable and Luxury Design

Comfortable experience with a luxury design! Welcome back to our new blog post. Two weeks ago we presented you with a photo session of THE WHITE LINE Bar Stools. After posting it, we have received a lot of questions about its comfort. To dispel doubts, we decided to describe and visualize the details of its […]

THE LINE and Its Majestic Wooden Design

Majestic materials – History of THE LINE’s wooden design Welcome back after a small break! During the last few weeks, we have received a lot of questions about the materials used in our designs. The most frequently asked question raised the issue of the origin of the wood used in our collections. That’s why today’s […]

THE WHITE LINE Bar Stools – Luxury but Minimalistic Thought of Design

THE WHITE LINE  conquering the world! Are you looking for a kitchen inspiration? Then you have come to the right place! Today we present you THE WHITE LINE Bar Stools shining inside this marvelous, glamour-style designed kitchen inside Złota 44 apartment. Two weeks ago we have invited you to meet the whole THE WHITE LINE […]

New Year’s Luxury Interior Inspirations

Welcome back in 2019! 2018 is now gone and we’re glad that you’ve managed to reach our blog post after your New Year’s Eve celebration! Nevertheless let’s get to the theme of today’s post which is “Luxury Interior Inspirations”. As it suggests, we are entering the new year, full of inspirations. Due to that fact […]

THE WHITE LINE – Simple Act of Pure and Modern Furniture design

THE WHITE LINE  – ‘Let the winter into your home’ Even though Christmas is over, we want you to keep it with you for a little while longer. In order to accomplish that, we will introduce you today THE WHITE LINE collection – the modern furniture design defining pure and industrial thought of creation.

Industrial-Style Side Table Conquering the World – Drop Dubai Cafe

As ‘people’ used to say – Winter is coming! Christmas is just around the corner; snow and frost will eventually cover the streets but we anticipate this and we travel to hot and sunny Dubai. In today’s blog post, we will introduce you to the Drop Dubai cafe which has the pleasure to equip its […]

Jewellery by Anna Orska – Perfect Match for THE PYRAMID Project

Welcome back to our new blog post! Last week you could read about our PYRAMID taking part in the inspiring charity auction. That’s why we are now continuing this topic by focusing on the artistic side of the masterpiece introduced in the photo above. Today you will meet it as a modern jewellery stand. As […]

When Design Supports Kindness Charity Auction by Joanna Krupa

 The PYRAMIDS at the Charity Auction by Joanna Krupa!