Can the Raw Steel Be Luxurious?

Plastic overproduction is definitely a widely discussed topic nowadays. Many wonder what are the best solutions in order to reduce its use in design. We couldn’t imagine thus a better moment to share with you this new blog post focusing at our major material which is the Raw Steel. As we are also approaching a […]

THE LINE – Redefining Modern Coffee Table

THE STORY Strong shape, functional purpose, furniture or art piece?

THE LINE – Side Table with the Soul

THE STORY Inspired by the Streets of Industrial London The whole story begins on the inspirational streets of London where industrial style triggers the most unique ideas for the design. The contrasts of bricks and steel and industrial revolution spirit have strongly  influenced our vision.  200 Year Old Reclaimed Oak  The oak for our pieces […]

Side Table Multifunctional Beauty

    Beauty – Simplicity – Diversity These three words mentioned above perfectly define our furniture collections. That is why today we would like to visualize you how we implement these core words into our furniture. To deliver it as clearly as possible we have decided to use our marvelous THE LINE  Side Table in order to show you […]

Luxury Minimalistic Furniture Design and Its Future

Is minimalism the future of design? This question seems to appear a lot more often nowadays. We keep stumbling across new design ideas featuring the most unexpected materials and shapes but there is one thing connecting all of this visions – minimalism. Minimalistic influence in a design especially in furniture field has some very interesting […]

CONNECT Serving Boards – Glamorous Multifunctional Homeware

Welcome back at the newest blog post! Today I would like to tell you a bit more about  the idea and the benefits coming from the CONNECT Serving Boards. Modular, interlocking serving boards allow you to mix, match and build a beautiful combination on your table. The combination of contrast materials and colour of the boards may represents [...]

An Interview with the Creative Director and the Designer of the Baker Street Boys

As we are clearly approaching the launch of our new design (stay tuned for the next update!) and Tomasz, our designer, is deeply lost in his creation mode, we decided to get him out of his ‘matrix’ for a second. In today’s post you can ready a short interview with our creative director and  the […]

Inspirations – How minimalistic furniture are so versatile that they fit in with almost every interior

The picture you see as the cover of this blog is a view from our window just at the back of Baker Street. It was the view that used to inspire us every morning and got us fascinated by this XIX century industrial look of London (you can read more about it in our previous […]

Authenticity – How honest materials and simple techniques conquer the world of luxury furniture.

Authenticity, Simplicity, Functionality, Art These are the key words defining our creations. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to elaborate more about each of them to inspire you how to bring these beautiful values to your work, your home or your projects. Today’s topic – Authenticity We believe that Authenticity is the […]

THE LINE Marbel Collection – Luxury Furniture Simplicity

Raw steel and marble, what an amazing combination of natural beauty would it be, you could think… but wait a minute. It is right here at bakerstreetboys.com! Welcome back at our blog! Today you are going to meet the marvelous marble furniture collection. What is its main purpose? It is a simple nod to those […]

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