Inspirations – How minimalistic furniture are so versatile that they fit in with almost every interior

The picture you see as the cover of this blog is a view from our window just at the back of Baker Street. It was the view that used to inspire us every morning and got us fascinated by this XIX century industrial look of London (you can read more about it in our previous […]

Authenticity – How honest materials and simple techniques conquer the world of luxury furniture.

Authenticity, Simplicity, Functionality, Art These are the key words defining our creations. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to elaborate more about each of them to inspire you how to bring these beautiful values to your work, your home or your projects. Today’s topic – Authenticity We believe that Authenticity is the […]

THE LINE Marbel Collection – Luxury Furniture Simplicity

Raw steel and marble, what an amazing combination of natural beauty would it be, you could think… but wait a minute. It is right here at bakerstreetboys.com! Welcome back at our blog! Today you are going to meet the marvelous marble furniture collection. What is its main purpose? It is a simple nod to those […]

THE LINE – Diverse and Luxury Furniture Collection

Beauty – Simplicity – Diversity Almost half a year ago, the above mentioned words has started our journey at this blog. It has been a long way in which all of our efforts were focused on showing you how unique and refined THE LINE collection is. Nevertheless, each throwback to the beginning allows us to […]

THE LINE and Its Memories from the Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week Throwback It’s been almost three years since we last exhibited at the Clerkenwell Design Week when we presented our THE LINE collection there. It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience to participate in such an amazing event. Our goal was always to share the design with other people during the most prestigious design […]

CONNECT Serving Boards and 6 Steps in their Creation Process

The Six Steps in our Creation Process on the Example of CONNECT Serving Boards!  The creation process is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying processes in the world. We cannot deny that putting a plane model together or repairing something in our house leaves us feeling proud. It is a regular feeling that is connected with […]

Loft Style Interior Inspiration – Inside Tom Daley’s and Dustin Lance Black’s Apartment

Loft Style Interior by Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Spring is right around the corner, the sun is shining more and more and so do our blog post! Today we are coming to you with a fresh and stunning loft style interior inspiration. It wouldn’t be so special if not for Tom Daley, Olympic medalist […]

Raw Steel Furniture – Wild as Nature, Valuable as Gold

Raw Steel furniture project – How it all began… Moved by recurring memories of the beginning of the ‘Baker Street Boys’ we have decide to share with you the story of our Raw Steel elements in THE LINE collections. Below presented photos introduce the first inspirations which made us think about showing the other side of […]

THE LINE PERSPEX Coffee Table – Pure Act of Modern Design

Minimalistic PERSPEX Coffee Table visualizing pure furniture design! Welcome back on our blog! We are coming today with a special post. It is time for you to know a little more about our special design project featuring the above-presented Coffee Table. Sit comfortably and enjoy the story of THE LINE PERSPEX Coffee Table! Let’s start […]

The Pyramid – Industrial Design and Modern Piece of Art

The Pyramid – Modern look at your interior Welcome back to our weekly blog post. Today we are taking you back to the story of The Pyramid. In case you are with us for the first time, click HERE to read our first introduction of this stunning masterpiece. As has already been mentioned there, multifunctionality […]

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