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Christmas Tree Decoration at Baker Street Boys

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Welcome at our Baker Street Boys Bakery! Today we will teach you how to bake the most delicious cookies on earth.
As a form of this year’s Christmas preparation we started from the decoration of our Christmas Tree, THE PYRAMID. You surely know it already but if you don’t we talked more about it at the end of this blog. Oh, what a suprise we had when we opened the first boxes. It was then we realised all of the decorations were gone. We knew that we had to act fast and that is how it all began…

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Tomasz, our designer, started with the hardest, the idea. The sketch came to his mind almost immediately. Uff… what a relief it was. Then we gathered all of the ingredients. The flour was replaced by the cement and the eggs where rapidly substituted with grit and water. As for the jam we used the frozen berries – the magnets. Having all these prepared the mixing began. When all of the forms were eventually emptied the race against time was set. We waited, and waited for the cookies to cool down and then after a week there they were, all perfectly baked, ready to decorate. The stars were born but the challenge wasn’t finished…

Driven by the baking success we went straight to the next step, decoration… Oh! If you have some interesting ideas about how to decorate THE PYRAMID please leave a comment down below… For us the fun was unimaginable but what made us truly happy was that it won’t end when the Christmas is over. We knew that soon after the holiday season people will have to throw their Christmas Tree away. It isn’t the case with THE PYRAMID. We will simply rotate the hand-crafted, steel base and reshape the object into…. a side table! Can you believe it?! This way at Baker Street Boys Christmas kind of never ends. 

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At this point the challenge was completed. The cookies were baked, the decorations were in place, everything ended just great. All we had left was to officaly announce that starting this holiday season, each THE PYRAMID comes with the hand-crafted “magnetic cookies baked from concrete” which can be used as a unique decorations. Each set includes: 6 concrete stars of a different size; personalized Christmas note; 2 pictures of the crafting process and the hand-sewn, wool pad.

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

Back in 2016 Baker Street Boys received an invitation for a yearly Christmas Exhibition organised by the Design Museum of London. On the special request, submitted by the Museum, they were to prepare a completely new, Christmas related project which would then be presented during the event. 

Combining his architectural experience and eternal passion for modernism, Tomas created rotatable form of the pyramid crafted out of the raw steel and oak. He took simple idea of modularity and implemented it into minimalist structure thus bringing to life the essence of functional art. The design became naturaly a part of his book research (still in writing) which relates to architectural solutions in the era of environmental crisis.

THE PYRAMID’s base shape was designed to serves as a generational Christmas Tree or a sculptural jewelry stand. Simultanously the object gives the freedom of choice and rezonates with its user’s emotions. It allows you, with a swift move of your hands, to rotate the raw steel base and redefine the function of THE PYRAMID into modern side table. If the steel top doesn’t serve your purpose you can use the rotation again and the metal surface exchanges its place with cautiously crafted European oak. The design simply lives to your expectations of the moment creating frim, emotional connection.

THE PYRAMID is available at:, the leading online marketplace for extraordinary design.

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