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4 Best Interior Designers and Architecture Practices in the World

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Baker Street Boys Curated List of 4 Best Interior Designers and Architecture Practices in the World

As an art and design brand we always focus on creating timeless, sculptural forms, enriching your surrounding. However we never forget that the art of creation doesn’t stop at objects. In order to materialize all of your dream houses, lofts and penthouses you need another dose of tremendous artists who can compose your design favourites into refined, balanced and functionl spaces.

To match the excidingly high standards of XXI century furniture art you need the best studios or individuals who can connect them into unforgettable experience of a home. For that Baker Street Boys curated for you the list of 4 Best Interior Designers and Architecture Practices in the world, who can make your most extraordinary dreams come true.

We open the list with the award-winning interior and landscape design firm Rees Roberts + Partners LLC. Formerly working as departments of the Steven Harris Architects LLP they were separated in order to underline their uniqueness and distinctivity and to give them their own identity. As you can find out from the brand’s bio, they are “known for interiors that defer to the elements of art, light, and views, the firm creates spaces that are tailored to both the context of each location and the character of the individual.” 

While exploring the brand’s portfolio you can not help but fell that each of their projects merge with the natural surrounding. The expansive and minimalist forms of the buildings in a balanced way enrich the surroundings with their geometrical shapes. The interiors clearly communicate the owners’ characters. Each of the spaces celebrate modern minimalism, including only essential furniture pieces in the most comfortable and artistic forms. All of the firm’s residences could be summed up in two words: modern harmony.

The list of the 4 Best Interior Designers and Architecture Practices continues with the Colombian born, internationally recognized and published, Sandra Weingort.’Her style is the perfect blend of curated modern elegance and highly functional, timeless design.’ If we were to copy Sandra’s bio and put it here, on our website, you wouldn’t see any misscommunication. Her vision is exactly the same as our own drive to creation. Each of her interiors ‘serve as an uplifting backdrop to ones’ daily life, never upstaging or overwhelming the lives or personalities of the inhabitants.’ The timelessness of this statement is what all designers should have in mind. We should all aim to create objects and spaces which ease our lifes, especially in the era of constant screen engagement and infromation overload. 

What makes Sandra one of our 4 best is that whenever you enter her interior you always see 3 things: artful functionality, attention to details and a sens of levity.

Our third choice for 4 Best Interior Designers and Architecture Practices in The World list is Nina Takesh. Quoting Fine Alchemy Home, Nina offers ‘Simple (…) Effortless Glamour’. Her sophistication and eclectic approach to interior design bring out never imagined before projects featuring objects from various periods. Nina’s exceptional ability to connect Barcelona Bench, Gold Frames, Glamour Elements or even Baroque in one space makes her simply one of the best. The style offered by her aesthetics allows to show the deepest diversity of most contemporary and vintage designs. Objects seemingly incompatible with each other occur to create perfectly balanced and artistic performence, all thanks to Nina’s unique vision. We strongly believe that if it was for someone to place THE LINE Collection tables in glamour space, that is definitely Nina Takesh.

The dominant impression left after experiencing Nina’s projects is well put in one word: life. Her interiors are filled with lots of bright, reflecting surfaces thus bringning the very fresh and reviving sensations.

At last, as a frim closure to our list we present to you the Faulkner Architects founded by Greg Faulkner. These collective of incredibly skilled profesionals create some of the strongest projects we have ever witnessed. The hihgly crafted, site-sensitive spaces they present strike with perfect balance between natural materials, artistic forms and minimalist comfort. The expansive character of their projects features almost Mondrian alike game of geometry and light creating unforgettable experience. Their houses welcome the outside world into the rooms through monumental glass, bevel ceilings or open spaces right in the middle of the building.

Falukner Architects praise  the natural imperfections. We fell in love with their pursue to emphasize the folded steel marks or concrete porous surfaces. Taking into account our own ethos of ‘unveiling hidden beauty in the unspoiled, natural materials’ and the mutual appreciation to oak, raw steel and concrete we immensly adore each and every projects going out of Faulkner Architects hands. For us they are simply among 4 Best Interior Designers & Architecture Practices In The World.

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