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The Lazy Story of The Contemporary Coffee Table

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Have you ever found yourself on the floor because it was easier to reach for your cup of coffee? Do you put your feet on the coffee table in front of your sofa? When Baker Street Boys first answered these questions they didn’t know how inspiring it would turn out. From this point on the solutions and creative ideas started rising and that is when it all began.

For those of you who follow the Baker Street Boys journey for some time now, you know of their massive love for coffee. The founders often recall sitting by the sofa and figuring out the first ideas about the brand and its future. However there was but one little element which kept them uncomfortable, the coffee table. Out of simple laziness they hated bending for every single sip of their coffee. The idea of seeking comfort for their feet at the table always seem to be a little bit gross. Instead of fighting it they took action and created the first Baker Street Boys contemporary coffee table.


As Baker Street Boys say ”Great coffee table needs to serve few purposes – it should be the laptop table (especially that we work from home office which becomes sofa so often in a digital world), it also needs to have a place for magazines or books.” Thanks to geometrical bending of the steel, THE LINE Coffee Table provides both, a functional slot and an over sofa platform.  Through oval cut, executed at the top of the table, also the functional handle emerges enabling you to move the table around in spite of its substantial weight.

Foot Stool Implementation

The next stage of the designing process was placing the historic, 300-year-old oak on top of the bottom steel platform, thus receiving a natural foot stool space. In a simple but effective way the idea of keeping feet at the table right next to your food or drink could now be forgotten. The solution brought by the designer was not only functional but also sustainable. In THE LINE Collection Baker Street Boys use the French and British, reclaimed, oak beams, by that means giving the wood its second life. They always seek in their desing for great provenance believing that the times of cheap, disposable and soulless funriture are now over.

The Size

“In our opinion large coffee tables in the middle of the room are starting to go in the past. We replace them with smaller, minimalist pieces that make combinations around the room. The living spaces – even luxury ones – get smaller, especially in big cities. Surrounded by the information overload, living in a more digitalised society than ever before, our goal is to simplify the space in which people spend most of their time. We aim to create calm, functional and artistic rooms allowing the owners to live their fulest life with as little objects as possible.” – Tomasz Danielec, Baker Street Boys Designer

In order to diversify the design of their contemporary coffee table, Baker Street Boys offer it in the Pick & Mix system. You can choose different material variations such as white finished steel, stainless steel, marble tops or perspex base. Through a creative mix of the textures and colors the brand allows you to create the perfect, modern coffee table sewn for your interior.

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