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5 Best Contemporary Side Tables at 1stDibs

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1stDibs 5 Best Contemporary Side Tables Handpicked by Baker Street Boys

The Side Table can undeniably be named the leader of the furniture world. To understand how crucial it is in the room you would have to first hide it for a week and experience looking for your favorite magazine or drinking you every morning coffee in the absence of your beloved side table. Each one of us consciously or unwittingly puts great attention to this small hero. We search for different materials, finishes and functions in connection with unique appearance enriching our interiors.

As a great admirers of the contemporary side tables we prepared for you the selection of the 5 best ones you can find at the most prestigious platform for unique furniture which is 1stDibs.

We begin with the clearest, most minimalist form of the Harold and Maude Small Low Table by Carlo Tamborini. By the applience of the purest glas base bended into geometrical form we receive great dynamism and plasticity. The table offers extremely light appearance which calms the space and gives it contemporary and artistic character. The curved finished angles close the design with a gentle touch which creates harmony with the side table’s strong lines.

The recommendation continues with this incredibly sculptural form of the Ice Cube Side Table by Studio Experimental. It features clean geometry and brutalist influenced design. Through the combination of light sphere shape with the strong, cut squares this contemporary side table strikes with its powerful yet somehow gentle appearance.
The brushed steel let’s you think of it as a light, unbalanced form whereas it remains heavy and durable.

The third contemporary side table in our guide is the novel interpretation called Sun in Space Side Table by Radu Abraham. The artist presents ‘Sun as seen in space, on a black background, an association that we rarely think of as we mostly associate the sun with the blue sky.’
The combination of metal, colored glass and marble makes the table a unique game of contrasts between materials, shapes and tones. It is a clean contemporary composition of geometrical forms ensuring many functional spaces and modern character for the interior.

We couldn’t imagine this list without our very own THE LINE Side Table by Tomasz Danielec.
The design of the table connects rich history of the 300-year-old oak with the simplicity of the raw steel bended into functional form. The oak reclaimed from old beams allows the world to see it reused in the sculptural project of the contemporary side table. The steel follows the raw character of the design with natural pattern on its surface. The side table emanates with its nobility and mininalism which makes it match with diverse range of interiors. It acts like a brooch to a dress.

The last contemporary side table of our choice draws attention with its simplicity and the texture of the material. This incredible NRS Side Table by Ranya Sarakbi & Niko Koronis is the bronze made table exhibited at the renowned Landmark Penthouse, 111 W 57th St – NYC. The minimalism of the design was enriched by the subtle, rounded stand and the curved top. The table emanates balance, strength and eminence whilst remaining one of the simplest forms. It attracts with its shining, bronze surface which surprisingly does not lable it as the glamorous object due to its geometrical appearance.

Please remember that the sequence of the handpicked objects was incidental. All of the listed tables are available to shop at which ensures the safest and best quality of service for luxury design enthusiasts around the world.

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