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Modern Gentleman’s Room of the 21st Century

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What are the essentials of the modern gentleman's room?

A seemingly simple question hides an unlimited range of possible answers. The challenge is to compose exceptional, functional and timeless space both southing and inspiring through its forms and materials.

Baker Street Boys prepared a selection of  precisely curated objects which together create refined space filled with sculptural, minimalist art. All together the elements fulfill each of our senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. Through this combination we receive a complete guide for the making of the Modern Gentleman’s Room which stands out.

1. The Bastiano' Lounge Chair

The endeavor to create the unique, modern gentleman’s room begins with the selection of the vintage Bastiano’ Lounge Chair in Olive Green Leather, 1962 by Afra & Tobia Scarpa for Knoll. Its geometrical form combined with the delicate leather finish embodies the essential values of artistry and comfort. The stained mahogany frame and olive green cushion bring to the interior warmth and elegance perfectly emphasizing the modern vision of the room. 

2. THE LINE Side Table

The second puzzle for completing the modern gentleman’s room guide is THE LINE Side Table by Tomasz Danielec for Baker Street Boys. Its clean lines folded into geometrical shapes define the understanding of modern minimalism and functionality. The raw steel base enriched by the historic 200/300-year-old oak brings to the interior the noble and contemporary character. The table acts in the room like a brooch to a dress.

3. The Toio Lamp

After securing the comfortable, historic seating as well as the noble side table it is time to introduce the Toio Floor Lamp by Pier and Achille Castiglioni for Floss. One could say the lamp is ragged from the cove. It is  unveiling its classic, contemporary structure all the same keeping chic and elegant presence. Whilst enriching the space with its sculptural character, the multifunctional element is served through electronic dimmer, placed o the cable, which allows the regulation of light brightness. 

4. Dictador Generations en Lalique

For taste and smell senses inside the modern gentleman’s room we held responsible the Columbian aged rum maker, Dictador. The curated bottle of their exceptional rum is the Dictador Generations en Lallique which stands for A strictly limited series of 300 uniquely designed crystal carafes by Lalique, filled with a remarkable, aged rum blended from a singular selection of 1976 vintages.’ The sculptural bottle connected with the exquisite Columbina rum perfectly represents the core values of the Modern Gentleman’s Room of the 21st century.

5. Suono Speaker

The culmination of this guide, and the last sense to be pleased, finds its place in Tom Fereday’s creation, the Suono Speaker. This minimalist statement object was designed to be celebrated and not hidden within the home. The simplest form enriched by polished cast aluminum makes the speaker act as a sculpture. Working as a table top, wall mounted or traveling speaker it also brings the multifunctionality which supported by exceptional, visual experience undeniably defines what a modern gentleman’s room should represent.

The recognition of modern gentleman’s room essentials will undoubtedly remain a field of discussion. Nonetheless the beforehand presented creations represent values widely ascribed to the definition of contemporary design. All together the elements partner in the creation of unique, functional and artistic space which in Baker Street Boys’ vision fulfills the perfect guide for modern gentleman’s room of the 21st century.

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