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LINE² – Functional Art at HE Concept Store

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The opening night LINE² vernissage was not only the beginning of the Baker Street Boys appearance at the HE Concept Store offer, it was also the launch of the 30 days exhibition across all of the brand’s designs. 

In order to celebrate this historic event, Baker Street Boys partnered with the world renowned Columbian rum maker, Dictador. Thanks to such unique collaboration all of the guests had a chance to admire the functional art in companion with the glass of the one of a kind aged rum.

The auditory value of the vernissage was enriched by the musical performance of the young, Polish singer Zuzanna Bar with her own interpretation of the song ‘Baker Street’ by Gerry Rafferty.

For those who couldn’t make it for the exhibition, you can still watch the highlights of the vernissage at the @bakerstreetboys_london instagram page.

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