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5 Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas

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The upcoming Christmas is definitely going to be unforgetable time for all families across the globe. We will sit back together and stronger than ever before celebrate our reunion. For such occasion we prepared for you these Baker Street Boys picks for the 5 Unique Christmas Gifts.

1. The Cocktail Gift Box

For our first, unique christmas gift we choose the professional cocktail lounge experience brougth to the comfort of your own home by The Cocktail Man London. You can now gift the taste of the best cocktails designed by James Vyse, award-winning mixologist, delivered in the unique, luxury, lether box along with all istructions, best quality spirits and other ingredients required to prepare the drink. This gift will without any question warm the afternoon time of its receipent and is availabe to order from £26 up to £270 (for the 12 months gift box subscribtion) at

2. The Meditative Abstract Painting

The abstract art created under the meditative state, by the artist Patryk Kiełboń, is our second pick for the most unique Christmas gifts. This young artist transmutes his meditative experience into abstract paintings. The aim of his art is to remind to its owners about the importance of the present moment and to maintain the sensation of peace and happienes in their lifes smiply by looking at the painting. If you look for unique christmas gifts of meditative art you can visit Patrick’s website or contact him through his IG profile @patrykkielbon The prices start at £600.

3. Sculptural Wine Decanter

If your friend or relative is not a fun of spirits offered by The Cocktail Man we also have a choice for the wine lovers. Our third pick for the most unique christmas gifts is the sculptural decanter by Rokos. This rounded shaped, some place concavous object is the tribute to the greater exposure of the wine to the oxygen, supported by the three angle position the decanter can be sit at. According to some research the greater the exposure the better the taste of the wine as Rokos quotes John Stimpfing from Financial Times.  Quickly summarizing, if you want your friend or relative to enjoy the full experience of the wine drinking then decanter ’13º60º104º’ is the best Christmas gift you can possibly imagine. It is available to order at the online platform for luxury, independent brands called Space to Show and its price states at £450.

4. Dawn + Dusk Candles

Our fourth choice for this unique Christmas gifts guide are the minimalistic candles Dawn + Dusk by Martyn White. The collection of twin candle is designed to compliment the progression of the day. One of the fragrances pick up the fresh morning scent whilst the other one embraces the rich and darker scent for the evening. If you are looking for a small gift which makes great contribution the entire home then Dawn + Dusk candles are definitely the choice for you. You can order them online at Thier prices start from £25 for one candle up to £45 for the set of two.

5. THE CONNECT Serving Boards

Our fifth and last pick for this unique Chrsitmas gifts guide are THE CONNECT Serving Boards. The boards are as set of modular, interlocking  kitchen boards symbolizing the connection between two different sides which eventually become unity. As for Christmas we couldn’t imagine a better, unique gift delivering the message of unity, peace and connection then the boards available at our SHOP. When combined with Dawn+Dusk Candles together they can create an incredible set for your relatives home which will contribute to them for a long time. The boards are available in 4 combinations and are made of marble or oak. For each of the orders you can request a personalized, Christmas message on the product card. The prices range from £149 up to £310 for the white & black marble combination.

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