THE BOX Collection – The Story

THE BOX Collection – The Story

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THE BOX Collection is a set of sculptural objects representing the collaboration between

THE BOX Collection is a set of sculptural objects representing the collaboration between the artists and the creative forces of nature. It consists of three rotatable tables and a bar stool. Simple form and rich pattern make THE BOX a unique piece of functional art and a strong environmental statement.

To harness ‘destructive’ forces of nature it requires many weeks of accurate and precise work on each of the patinas. Using acid as a paint and grinder as a brush artists break the conventions in order to achieve unusual results. The unpredictable reactions of rust guide them through the process which makes the nature co-creator of the design. The collection was finished and launched during the lockdown, which has been documented at the IGTV series, ‘The Lockdown Journal‘.

In order to harness the rust creation processes, in this unique project, our designer Tomasz Danielec teamed up with his younger sister Agnieszka Bar.

Reclaimed beauty. ‘Ordinary’ rust transformed into a luxury pattern unveils its deep, meditative nature. It can be perceived as abstract paintings, galaxies, waves etc., activating the user’s imagination. Each side of THE BOX  acts as a separate canvas for creation but all together they form an extraordinary composition.

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