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Can the Raw Steel Be Luxurious?

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Plastic overproduction is definitely a widely discussed topic nowadays. Many wonder what are the best solutions in order to reduce its use in design. We couldn’t imagine thus a better moment to share with you this new blog post focusing at our major material which is the Raw Steel. As we are also approaching a launch of our new project in which the raw steel will be a main star, it occured to be the best possible occasion to tell you a bit more about our connection with it.

As we used to say, we search for a beauty where we all can rarely see it. Sometimes it is just in front of you and all you need to do is to open your eyes and look at it without any limitations. You have to let yourself merge with the design or the material and try to understand it’s true value or message. Everyone who saw incredible Richard Serra’s sculptures must definitely agree!

Richard Serra, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

We deeply believe that the raw, unspoiled or rusted steel is one of the most beautiful materials to work with. Its scratches, shades and reflections are so unique that they create the undeniable statement of art. Their natural imperfections mixed with the functional design form the modern composition of furniture art.

In our opinion there isn’t a difference between something perceived as ‘posh’ materials such as a marble or a coper and the natural, raw steel. As soon as the steel meets the right application and the right concept combined with an idea it creates the magical value. We have had some amazing time lately testing the rust steel design options and it occured to be extremly inspiring. Playing with the shades and the patterns of natural oxidation is a truly breathtaking act.

Raw Steel - the act of furniture art - Baker Street BoysRaw Steel - the act of furniture art - Baker Street Boys
Since the very beginning price tags (per kg or sqm) have been defininig the  value of the material. However we strongly disagree with this tendency. If the idea behind the desgin and the application of its materials stands out from the crowd, the cost of the material no longer matters. Our mission is to change the perception of the raw steel and to show how amazing it looks in various interiors, not limited to loft or industrial surroundings. We support combining the raw or rust steel with not so obvious choices like the classic or the glamour interiors!

Raw Steel - the act of furniture art - Baker Street BoysRaw Steel - the act of furniture art - Baker Street BoysAs it was mentioned at the beginning of this post world keeps looking for anti-plastic solutions. The usage of steel, one of the most recyclable materials in the world, seemed to be the prefect topic for this occasion. This environment friendly material has a significat influence on our design because it is not only easing the contamination of our surrounding but it also brings an art status to the designed pieces.

Raw Steel - the act of furniture art - Baker Street Boys

It is not the surrounding that makes the steel look posh, it is the steel what makes the surrounding look luxury.

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