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Luxury Minimalistic Furniture Design and Its Future

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THE LINE Marbel Collection - Luxury Minimalistic Furniture DesignIs minimalism the future of design?

This question seems to appear a lot more often nowadays. We keep stumbling across new design ideas featuring the most unexpected materials and shapes but there is one thing connecting all of this visions – minimalism.

Minimalistic influence in a design especially in furniture field has some very interesting aspects. In our vision it represents two different issues: the climate change problem and the information overload reaction.

Luxury Minimalistic Furniture Collection - Baker Street Boys

Let’s start from the environment.

This aspect of our life has unavoidable results appearing in our closest surrounding. However minimalism brings a lot hope. It contributes to the usage of the latest technology solutions reducing unnecessary pollution to the minimum. The more minimalistic the design is the less work of the fabrics needed. What is even more important, is that minimalism means using the simple materials wich also helps to keep our environment safe.

All those features are a true definition of THE LINE. It’s creation is based on the very minimalistic shapes and materials such as raw steel, marble and oak. The collection amazes by its luxury minimalistic furniture combination suitable for diverse interiors.

Luxury Minimalistic Furniture Design - THE LINE Collection

Nevertheless, we can’t forget about the information overload issue. I am sure you once had this day which made you think of throwing your phone out and staying offline for the rest of your life. It is a normal reaction to the surrounding us informational clutter. Minimalism serves here its best purpose. Used in the design it brings harmony, calmness and a feeling of inner piece which at this ‘loud information’ times seems to be a true redemption. While staying at your apartment you are existing among clean and simple forms which transform this vision straight to your mind.

Someone once said: “If you look at the object think whether it is useful or beautiful if none of it throw it away”

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