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Strong shape, functional purpose, furniture or art piece?

There is many coffee lovers in the world fighting to find the best modern coffee table meeting their needs. It may seem to be a strange struggle but if you stop for a minute you’ll understand that the design field doesn’t have many luxurious and moder concepts of coffee tables which at the same time stay beautiful and functional. THE LINE Coffee Table takes lead in this race due to its unique shapes and functions but more about this in the next chapters.

Luxury and Modern Coffee Table by Baker Street BoysSimplicity

One word with thousand meanings. Above presented table is an example of all those meanings gathered in one modern coffee. table. It has simple shapes, very clear design idea and obvious yet still historical, natural materials combined in an intriguing way, creating, like our clients used to to call it, a swan, a giraffe or anything else you can imagine.

Luxury and Modern Coffee Table by Baker Street BoysMultifunctionality

THE LINE Coffee Table was designed to provide two functional platforms. You can easily use them to put your leg on the lower wooden part and at the same time enjoy your coffee standing on a higher steel base. If you are a magazines lover, you just simply lean them against the steel construction. If that’s not enough you can also bring this modern coffee table over the sofa and use it as a stillage for your laptop in case you decide to work away from your desk. To sum up, it is an example of pure multifunctionality.

Luxury and Modern Coffee Table by Baker Street BoysArt Quality

We kept this feature to be the last one in order to show that modern coffee table doesn’t have to be ‘just’ a luxury furniture presenting simplicity of the design and multiple options of use. THE LINE collection and its family members represent new art quality in furniture filed. It allows to decor your space with functional and artistic piece which thanks to its contemporary concept makes your home look like an Art Gallery. 

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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