CONNECT Serving Boards – Glamorous Multifunctional Homeware


Welcome back at the newest blog post! Today I would like to tell you a bit more about  the idea and the benefits coming from the CONNECT Serving Boards.

Modular, interlocking serving boards allow you to mix, match and build a beautiful combination on your table. The combination of contrast materials and colour of the boards may represents two very different but complementary sides. Holding hands might be a perfect metaphore here which also makes the boards a perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

chirstmas serving boards - luxury homewareChristmas Serving Boards - Luxury Homeware

Now as you know the design you may ask what was the reason to create it but it was honeslty very spontaneous. One day we just came up with an idea of creating the long serving boards which may manage the size of the baguette. However we also realised that it’s potential length would undoubtedly cause a lot of troubles while storing it. Than the idea evolved. By one simple cut we acquired two CONNECT Serving Boards which may also act as the cutting boards. Thanks to the wonderful material, such as an oak and a marble, the serving boards are a perfect choice to introduce your beautiful snacks during a banquet or a small party. You can combine them in 3 different configurations presented in today’s blog post.

photo nr 1Christmas Serving Boards - Luxury Homeware

Why you should pick THE CONNECT Serving Boards out of many others?

It is very simple. Bringing them to your home means getting an amazing design and diversity of colours and materials in just 2 or 3 pieces. Equipe your kitchen with  an artistic and functional pieces and make it a true object of desire.

IMG-20190612-WA0007Thank you for your time!

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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