An Interview with the Creative Director and the Designer of the Baker Street Boys

As we are clearly approaching the launch of our new design (stay tuned for the next update!) and Tomasz, our designer, is deeply lost in his creation mode, we decided to get him out of his ‘matrix’ for a second. In today’s post you can ready a short interview with our creative director and  the co-founder of the Baker Street Boys answering the questions about the brand’s beginnings, his own creative process and the future of BSB.

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Let’s start with the most intriguing question:

Where did the idea to start the furniture brand come from?

”Well, it was a pretty natural decision. I have been a professionaly fulfilled architect, with a huge experience of creating the most challenging architectural projects and I was simply looking for a new challenge. To be honest I have always wanted to design a little, iconic piece of art and 4 years ago my desire became the reality.”

THE BOX - luxury furniture collection by Baker Street Boys

How long did it take to create your first project for Baker Street Boys – THE LINE collection?

THE LINE wasn’t actually my first furniture project. My beginning with furniture design wasn’t easy. I started from creating the glamour style, birch table but it was a huge failure. It didn’t represent my inner vision and at that time it made me truly disappointed. However I didn’t give up on it. A few weeks later, while walking on the streets of London, I understood that my design interest has always been the industrial style architecture but I still didn’t know how to bring it to life. Everything changed during my winter break. I woke up one day, looked outside at the beautiful, mountain landscape and I realised that my head was clear and the idea cristalised. I took a piece of paper and drew the first sketch of the side table,  THE LINE was born. It took a few days to make a perfect sketch and then other 6 months to introduce it to the world.”

Baker Street BoysWhich design is your favorite and why? 

”People always ask me this question. I love every single piece that I designed equally but there is one which stole my heart from the very beginning – THE LINE Coffee Table. I designed it to make my own life easier. I am a true coffee lover but I couldn’t drink it without bending for a cup when trying to take a sip. Then the idea just came and the problem was solved. With the Coffee Table I can put my coffee right next to me at the same time stretching my legs on the wooden platform. Maybe a little selfish attitude but that’s the whole truth!”

Industrial Style Furniture by Baker Street BoysHow do you inspire yourself to create?

”I have my own routine which allows me to get into the creative mode. I try to walk a lot, watch the surrounding and I always keep my notebook by my side because you never know when the inspiration comes.

The next step, in case the idea didn’t come, is sitting in front of the blank piece of paper. It might sound a bit harsh but if you prepare yourself to do it with a good attitude it forces you to fill this white place with the new ideas.

The last step is the Prodigy music. It has one simple task, keeping and improving the creativity of the idea in my head.”

Tomasz Danielec, creative director of the Baker Street Boys

Where do you see the Baker Street Boys in 5 years?

”From the designer’s point of view I would like our brand to have a global reach and recognition. I would also like our THE LINE collection to become famous in the world of furniture design with it’s timeless and iconic products. I am also thinking about directing more of my attention towards homeware projects and trying to conquer the soft furniture market.

Using the occasion I would also like to ask you to follow our upcoming posts because we are now getting closer to the official launch of our new project called THE BOX. Stay tuned and get ready for our next ground breaking collection!”

Baker Street Boys - THE BOX

Thank you for staying with us till the end of this interview.

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń 

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