Authenticity – How honest materials and simple techniques conquer the world of luxury furniture.

Authenticity, Simplicity, Functionality, Art

These are the key words defining our creations. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to elaborate more about each of them to inspire you how to bring these beautiful values to your work, your home or your projects.

Iconic Luxury Furniture Collection - Baker Street Boys

Today’s topic – Authenticity

We believe that Authenticity is the most luxurious. That’s why we are now witnessing an increase of minimalistic and industrial luxury furniture pieces in high-end interiors. When simple materials transform into simple forms using simple techniques we create rich beauty. The process of creation is not hidden – it is embraced and it is kept in the centre of attention. The raugh materials transform into beautiful, functional shapes.

Iconic Luxury Furniture Collection - Baker Street BoysThe modern world of luxury furniture starts to resemble ‘loft revolution’ – Soho lofts, often a cheap artists accommodation, turned out to be the most luxury experience. The honesty of spaces transformed them into true desire! (we will write more about it in a few weeks)

The journey from rough, traditional workshop to clean, beautiful interiors is fascinating – it is honest and it is authentic. The furniture are no longer the objects of simple purpose – they are the pieces of art. Simple, iconic or timeless statements are the future ones.

Iconic Luxury Furniture Collection - Baker Street Boys

When we designed our first pieces we were surprised by the amazing reception on the luxury market. It was always our aim to design art/furniture crossover pieces. In the world of clutter and plastic nonsense we need some sort of order, honesty and simplicity. That’s why we use the simplest materials and techniques: the Marble, the Raw Steel, the Natural Oak…these are the true heroes.

Iconic Luxury Furniture Collection - Baker Street Boys

Here at Baker Street Boys it’s all about the above. It’s all about authenticity, appreciation to the true value of art and design. The aim is to inject pure beauty to every interior. To give them this spark of  genuine uniqueness!

Iconic Luxury Furniture Collection - Baker Street Boys

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Written by Tomasz Danielec & Patryk Kiełboń

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