THE LINE and Its Memories from the Clerkenwell Design Week


Clerkenwell Design Week Throwback

It’s been almost three years since we last exhibited at the Clerkenwell Design Week when we presented our THE LINE collection there. It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience to participate in such an amazing event. Our goal was always to share the design with other people during the most prestigious design events, and that’s also why this memory has remained and is still clear in our minds today. It was also a great occasion to meet other furniture lovers and discussing ideas about new design projects. We were also honoured to get to know the amazing Ted Baker, which was a very driving and influencial experience for our creative journey. 

However, what this is really all about is FUN. We love the whole preparation process because during it we can direct the scene, which is supposed to present the design to you as clear and intriguing as possible. It makes us feel entirely connected with the collections from the very beginning of its creation, which you can read more about HERE. Every angle of the exhibition is precisely designed and built by us to serve its purpose. The whole process stimulates our creativity and allows us to breathe life into all of the exhibitions. As you may have already realised we follow our design all the way from sketches to finished product. At the end, this routine lets you enjoy THE LINE collection in its best possible form, and make your home look unique and extraordinary.

Check out the photos below that relate to our preparations and the Clarkenwell Design Week itself!

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THE LINE collection - luxury furniture deisgn

THE LINE collection - luxury furniture deisgn



THE LINE collection - luxury furniture deisgn


THE LINE collection - luxury furniishin

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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