CONNECT Serving Boards and 6 Steps in their Creation Process

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The Six Steps in our Creation Process on the Example of CONNECT Serving Boards!

 The creation process is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying processes in the world. We cannot deny that putting a plane model together or repairing something in our house leaves us feeling proud. It is a regular feeling that is connected with the desire to create new things which have come directly from our imagination. However, everyone has their own way of going through the creation process. Today we would like to share with you our path starting with the idea born in our mind and finished at the product ready to find its new home!

As you may have realised, our creation process will be present on the example of the marvellous CONNECT Serving Boards. The uploaded video above shows the results of following the six steps which we have established as the core stages of the creation method. The whole ‘recipe’ consists of: the idea, sketch, model, mock-up, prototype and eventually the product. Note that from the very beginning of the creation, we wanted to have physical contact with the object, thus rejecting IT solutions when designing.

black-line-pngThe idea comes first – it is obvious that to begin creating you need to start to form the ideas. Many people claim it is the most important stage out of the whole process. Why? Because we all have tools to produce different things, but few have the imagination to create objects of desire.

THE LINE Marble Serving Boards

The idea is directly connected with our second step – Sketch.  When we come up with the design that rings a bell in our head, there is just one thing to do, grabbing a piece of paper and drawing it. This process sometimes takes longer, but in the end, you can see the perfect project, designed down to the smallest details under the influence of strong imaginative thought.

THE LINE Wooden Serving Boards

After sketching comes modelling, as soon as the project is done, using the magic hands of our designer Tomasz, the first model of the furniture or homeware he designed is created. This stage begins the actual process of transformation from the idea into a physical object. For us that’s one of the most important aspects of creation because it allows us to feel whether the idea still makes us thrilled or not.

THE LINE Marble Serving Boards

When modelling is finished it is time for the Mock-up. Shortly speaking, to understand the size and the functionality of the design we create its scale model one to one.

THE LINE Wooden Serving Boards

The penultimate stage is pretty obvious and simple. Eventually, it is time for the real prototype created from the materials planned like the ones for the original product. At this stage, our idea becomes an almost perfect reality and is ready to bring some last amendments.

THE LINE Wooden and Marble Serving Boards

Product – here we are at the end of this beautiful journey, standing over the finished design, once going through our mind and now laying in front of us ready to make other people happy!

chirstmas serving boards - luxury homeware

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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