Raw Steel Furniture – Wild as Nature, Valuable as Gold

raw steel furniture - luxury furnishing

Raw Steel furniture project – How it all began…

Moved by recurring memories of the beginning of the ‘Baker Street Boys’ we have decide to share with you the story of our Raw Steel elements in THE LINE collections. Below presented photos introduce the first inspirations which made us think about showing the other side of natural goods in their unspoiled form. In the premier blog post you could read that the whole story of the design began in the streets of London. That’s why today we are coming back to this marvelous city. 

Seeing the pohotos it becomes obvious that the idea of raw steel furniture came directly from the steel elements of British architecture. While looking at them our designer understood that their natural beauty have never been emphasized in the industrial furniture design. His project assumed discovering the hidden luxury in the unspoiled material proving that its true value hasn’t been praised enough. In THE LINE collection you can observe strong, raw steel furniture making an undeniable statement in every imaginable interior. Its natural face gives character to your home, making it a unique place. All of this achieved by luxury extracted from a true metal form.

What’s the most important for us is that we put a value on a natural beauty of the materials. The raw steel in its unspoiled form is as valuable as gold!

raw steel furniture - luxury furnishing

Many see gutter but we see design potential!

raw steel furniture - luxury furnishing

Modern shapes, strong character and natural beauty!

raw steel furniture - luxury furnishing

Simple balcony? For us it was the beginning of something special!

raw steel furniture - luxury furnishing

Nature in its best form!

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń 

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  • Igor 22nd February 2019 Reply »

    I understand the concept of designing the new piece of furniture and it is very the same at me. I find my inspirations also in architecture for some projects.

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