The Pyramid – Industrial Design and Modern Piece of Art

Industrial Design - The Pyramid Table

The Pyramid – Modern look at your interior

Welcome back to our weekly blog post. Today we are taking you back to the story of The Pyramid. In case you are with us for the first time, click HERE to read our first introduction of this stunning masterpiece. As has already been mentioned there, multifunctionality was the core goal to achieve while designing The Pyramid table. However in this post, we are going to focus on its strong shapes which undoubtedly make a huge impression if you look at it for the first time.

There is no denying that due to its “sharp” looking edges, The Pyramid may easily break the gentle-designed interiors. It allows you to create a bright and calm interior at the same time, giving it a tone of wild design in the shape of row steel Pyramid. What makes it possible to match this furniture with classic apartments is the 200-year-old oak. The wood and the steel create an industrial design which can easily be used in above-mentioned creations.

Industrial Design - The Pyramid TableIndustrial Design - The Pyramid Table

It is worth mentioning that The Pyramid easily defends itself in strong, dark interiors. The modern design in its shape allows it to stand up to strong interiors like those filled with concrete, steel or iron. Nevertheless, we cannot forget about its various exploitations. The Pyramid can be used as a jewellery stand, a coffee table or apparently simple but artistic decoration which will make your home look unique like the Design Museum. All things considered, if you want to improve your interior with some strong-shaped furniture then you should definitely take a closer look at The Pyramid. Just bring it to fill your apartment with a breath of modern and industrial design!

Industrial Design - The Pyramid TableIndustrial Design - The Pyramid Tableblack-line-png

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