Jewellery by Anna Orska – Perfect Match for THE PYRAMID Project


Photo credit: Ernest Wińczyk

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Last week you could read about our PYRAMID taking part in the inspiring charity auction. That’s why we are now continuing this topic by focusing on the artistic side of the masterpiece introduced in the photo above. Today you will meet it as a modern jewellery stand. As we have already mentioned a few weeks ago, during PYRAMID’s photo shot we’ve been collaborating with ORSKA – the jewellery designer. We were very pleased with the whole composition of the PYRAMID and ORSKA’s jewellery which perfectly indicated our attention to detail.

The idea behind our collaboration with ORSKA was to present THE PYRAMID as a modern jewellery stand. This marvellous combination emphasized the pyramid’s multifunctionality something which we truly value in our projects. The below-enclosed photos are to show you the examples from the ORSKA’s jewellery collection which would beautifully match THE PYRAMID serving as a jewellery stand!

Luxury Jewellery Stand with ORSKALuxury Jewellery Stand with ORSKAORSKA makes jewellery with character. Her projects are expressive and often controversial. The raw form, rough texture and unique idea behind each collection reflect the temperament of the brand. Jewellery by ORSKA is not an accessory. It is an ensemble in itself. Anna Orska’s distinctive design is for the daring ones searching for an original style form. Luxury Jewellery Stand with ORSKA

Every item has a nature of its own. This is achieved by handcrafting and the use of peculiar, often unique materials. The components come from different parts of the world and from different historical periods, just as the very concept of the collection does. The original projects have been appreciated by the world’s fashion magazines, with the Italian “Vogue Accessory” and the German “Vogue” as the leading titles. ORSKA is bold, diverse and unpredictable. She dares to experiment, she is also still searching and this is the only constant thing about her.

Luxury Jewellery Stand with ORSKALuxury Jewellery Stand with ORSKA

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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