When Design Supports Kindness Charity Auction by Joanna Krupa


 The PYRAMIDS at the Charity Auction by
Joanna Krupa!

Welcome back after the small break! For the last two weeks, we’ve been getting ready for the charity auction at the VITKAC fashion house in Warsaw.  The whole event was organised by Joanna Krupa, a world-renowned fashion model, who was raising money for the first dog hospice in Poland called „Staruszkowo”. We were honoured to donate our PYRAMIDS to raise money and improve the lives of old and abused dogs.

Go check out the facebook profile of the Staruszkowo hospice by clicking HERE!
We also want to thank Joanna Krupa for our invitation to such an inspiring charity auction supporting an amazing cause. We are grateful that our design could contribute to simplifying the lives of innocent and defenseless animals. Below, we present to you some photos from the whole event.

Charity auction by Joanna Krupa - Luxury PYRAMIDS

Natalia and Joanna eclipsing Baker Street Boys, on the red carpet, with their beauty!

Charity auction by Joanna Krupa - Luxury PYRAMIDS

Tomasz, our designer, telling the story of THE PYRAMIDS!

Charity auction by Joanna Krupa - Luxury PYRAMIDS

The two most important women at the whole event, Joanna and Mrs. Krystyna who run the hospice!

Charity auction by Joanna Krupa - Luxury Pyramid

Tomasz with the winner of the PYRAMIDS auction!

Charity auction by Joanna Krupa - Luxury PYRAMIDS

Marvelous Katarzyna, co-winner of the PYRAMID auction!

We cannot express how greatful we are that we could take part in this inspiring event. Once again THANK YOU Joanna for creating such an amazing auction.

We also want to thank people without whom we wouldn’t be able to support this admirable cause:

Natalia  Szczygieł

Wiesław Macherzyński

Patryk Kiełboń

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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