Interior Inspirations: Casasolstad Wooden Masterpiece from Norway

Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table

Casasolstad – Wooden Interior Inspirations

Before we start showing you inspirational part of this post, we would like to thanks Roar Solem and his family, the creators of Casasolstad, who shared with us beautiful photos of their wooden interior. Today’s post wouldn’t exist without Roar’s help and his stunning architectural diamond. We leave up to the fact that the idea of creating such an inspiring place which part is our THE LINE Side Table, should be presented to inspire everyone.

We are pleased to welcome you at our first post of this newly unveiled “Interior Inspirations” series.  In the upcoming months you will be able to watch and read some materials, coming directly from our clients. This series will also include the photoshoots created to show the possibilities of organising our furniture in many different interiors. We’ve been under a huge impression of every photo we received, showing our pieces decorating marvelous interiors.

We’ve asked Roar about the  authors and the origin of the Cabin’s project and his motivation to set it together with our Side Table. Here are a few words from him:

“Here’s the story of the Cabin project. At the beginning I would like to introduce to you all 4 of us who contributed to the creation of the Casasolstad. As you may have already realised, it was me , Roar Solem – an Engineer, my wife, Hanne Fremstad – a doctor, and our kids, Filip and Tuva. The cabin is designed by us down to the smallest details. It is placed in the mountains, close to Trondheim, in the middle of Norway. The general idea behind the design is that the cabin is divided into two parts, where one half is the living room with kitchen and dining area and the other half contains all the functional rooms such as a hall with an entrance, bedrooms, a laundry room, a bathroom and a sauna.You can also find here a separated loft with storage room, bedroom and a cosy TV area. One of our goals was also to create a sense of being close to the nature while still sitting inside the Cabin. That’s why the building features large scale windows which are facing a beautiful landscape of pine tree forests and mountains.”

Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table
Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table

The livingarea of the cabin is relatively big and with a great open space but we feel that it is not compromising the cosyness. We chose to separate the big area into 4 zones; sofa area, lounge area, kitchen and dining area. These are separated with a big “room-divider” which is a structure built in wood. It contains a built-in daybed, built-in kitchen cabinets, wood storage, hidden heat pump and a wonderful RAIS fireplace placed centrally in the livingroom with 3 sides of glass visible from all zones. The room divider are covered in 3mm thick plates, made of hot rolled steel. These are naturally stained from rust and protected with a penetrating oil. This makes a raw contrast to the light wood in the cabin.

As other design elements and in furnitures we have used a lot of raw untreated Oak, steel, naturally tanned leather and concrete pendants. All are natural exclusive materials that make a great atmosphere and are very classic design.

Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side TableInspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table

“(…)When  choosing  materials,  it  was  important  for  us  the  keep  a  modern,  classic,  clean  and  Nordic  look.  We  have  emphasized  to  use  lightened,  knot-free,  pine tree  panels , all  over  accompanied  by  the  fantastic,  large  floorboards  from  Dinesen  Douglas.  We  opted  for  materials  and  textures  that  gave  us  the  feeling  of  a  modern,  wooden  cabin  whilst  also  being  contemporary. THE LINE Side Table was for us the perfect match as a multifunctional design element that has the beautiful contrast between the industrial steel and the raw, natural Oak.”Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side TableInspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table

As you see , Roar perfectly conveyed our keynote about which we’ve spoken previously on the occasion of premiere post at our blog. He and his family understood our idea of creating a modern, multifunctional product, connecting wood and steel. They uncovered our desire to provide you a truly inspirational furniture which would be able to match different kinds of interiors, from luxury lofts to family houses without any exception.

While speaking with Roar, he also mentioned that a few parts of the Casasolstad were made by himself. He admited that the  dining  table  and the  bench are his own projects and products. To create both of them he used some  Dinesen  planks  and  black  ash  trestles.

It only reassure us about the uniqueness of the Cabin project. It is also a great pride and pleasure to see THE LINE Side Table in such an inspirational interior which creation was accompanied by extraordinary attention to detail.

Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table
Inspirational Wooden Interior Decorated by Luxury Side Table

Roar is running an instagram account @casasolstad. You can find there more photos and interior inspirations from his stunning cabin. We would also like to invite you to check out his new project in collaboration with @cabinloen,  If you dream about your own cabin you should definitely visit their website HERE.

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PHOTO CREDIT: @casasolstad

Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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