Behind the scenes from The Pyramid Table Photo Session

Luxury Pyramid Table - Artistic Sculpture or Modern Multifunctional Furniture

Karolina Kowalska, our hair and make up stylist, always making sure that our models look smooth! As she says “Enjoy small things and never fly low”!

The Pyramid Table – Backstage Photo Session

From exactly two weeks you’ve been able to observe the results of our Pyramid Table Photo Session. Encouraged with your positive response to our photos , we’ve decided to share with you our feelings about the Photo Shoot  and to show you what’s happening behind the camera. That’s why today we are coming back to you with an exclusive materials from the backstage of our photo set.

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Ernest Wińczyk – one of the Europe’s leading furniture and objects photographer

“The photoshoot of the Pyramid project from The Baker Street Boys was a very exciting adventure. Mine, for those pictures, was to show the project in a bit mysterious way and to create its image as a minimalistic contemporary artwork that is used for some kind of ritual. I wanted to bring a feeling that the Pyramid is much more than just a piece of furniture but an artifact of a statement.”
Luxury Pyramid Table - Peace of an Art or Multifunctional Furniture

Wiesław impersonating a model has exceeded our greaest expectations! Don’t you agree?

Wiesław Macherzyński – partner and our marvelous model 

“It’s truly joyfull experinace to change your image sometimes, think differently about yourslef or become a model for the photo session at one afternoon , where the true hero is functional art created by Baker Street Boys. Sum it all up, it makes me fell a sens of fulfillment , joy and pride.
And who knows , maybe one day I will become a model indeed!”

Luxury Pyramid Table - Artistic Sculpture or Modern Multifunctional Furniture

As they say.. It is all about lighting!
We’ve had great help from our lighting assistant Mateusz Skarba & Banderas

Tomasz Danielec – cofounder of The Baker Street Boys and our designer

“Our whole ethos is to turn ordinary materials into extraordinary, minimalistic yet luxury objects. The brief to the Photoshoot creative team, was to communicate that ethos in the elegant and mysterious way. The Photoshoot took place in Warsaw, in one of the most prestigious address, in Cosmopolitan building. We have chosen ‘phoenix city’ due to its rich history and an eclectic skyline which perfectly matched our reqirements”

Luxury Pyramid Table - Artistic Sculpture or Modern Multifunctional Furniture

Ernest as always carying about the samllest details.

Luxury Pyramid Table - Artistic Sculpture or Modern Multifunctional Furniture

What we may see as simple act, Ernest easily catches with his camera as if it would be one and only!

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Photographer: Ernest Wińczyk 
Make up and hair stylist: Karolina Kowalska
 Lighting assistant: Mateusz Skarba and Banderas
Model: Wiesław Macherzyński

Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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