Coffee Table Definition of Modern Comfort

THE LINE Coffee Table – Modern Concept of Comfort

As you may have already realised, today’s posts greatest star is our magnificent THE LINE Coffee Table. Following the title, you will be able to watch and read about our own understanding of modern comfort.

Our designer Tomasz has once said:”It is annoying to bend to get the coffee from the low coffee table” and from this day on, the idea of creating THE LINE Coffee Table  has been rising in our heads. Solution which we undertook was pretty simple. As our furniture has been designed with two platforms at different heights (one solid oak, one crude steel), a higher platform allows you to bring it over the sofa and have your cup of coffee right next to you. At the same time you can put your legs on the lower wooden platform or keep your magazines leaning against the steel construction which entirely fulfill the idea of multifunctionality in our collections. THE LINE Coffee Table contrary to its name also works very well as a stillage for your laptop in case you decide to work away from your desk.

Rediscover comfort and luxury in your home again!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table

Perfect for your coffee break!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table

Makes your work pleasent and comfortable!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table!

Functionality of this table allows you to focus on what’s really important: the coffee, the view, the comfort!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table

It is a modern and minimalistic art sculpture that compliments hi-end interiors!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table

Comfort redefined!

Luxury Multifunctional Coffee Table

THE LINE Collection – as a whole family always the strongest!

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Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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