The Pyramid – The Story of an Unusual Side Table

Once a X-Tree , once a Side Table!


In December 2017 we have been asked to join The Design Museum Christmas Market and to present there something Christmas related. We undertook the challenge and within three weeks the X-Tree project was born. Tomasz designed a Christmas tree in the form of a metal pyramid on which you can attach the decoration by using magnets.

But then comes a question, what should you do with it after Christmas?

Our main thought was to fight throwing Christmas trees after the holiday season and that’s how the idea of Pyramid Table came into begining. Pushed by comments about beautiful, sculptural shapes of our pyramids, we’ve decided to offer our X-Tree all year long as a modern Pyramid.  As soon as Christmas is over you just simply flip the metal base and your X-Tree becomes  a part of your furniture equipment. It can also serve as a decoration on its own or work as a jewelry stand, notice board etc. Transformation from Pyramid into a Side Table is a perfect reflection of our statement for sustainable and multifunctional design.

The Pyramid is not only a table, it is a sculptural object of desire!
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Once an X-Tree , once a Pyramid Table!

Christmas is over ? It’s not a problem, just transform your X-Tree into brand new Side Table!

Once an X-Tree , once a Side Table!

Like we’ve mentioned it in the previous post, industrial thought follows us almost everywhere!

One day X-Tree , the next day Side Table!

You don’t need a new Pyramid Table? Then make your home The Sculpture Galery!

Stay tuned for the next week’s blog post about our magnificent Coffee Table!

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Foto credit: @photogregor

Written by Patryk Kiełboń

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